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You will reside in the Netherlands for three months or longer and have one or more children aged 6 to 12 years. We can imagine how difficult it is for non-Dutch nationals to understand the Dutch education system and find a suitable primary school for your child(ren). We would like to help you with this.
About PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp
You are now on the website of PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp, a Leiden and Leiderdorp based foundation for public primary and special needs education (Stichting Openbaar Primair en Speciaal Onderwijs Leiden). PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp represents twenty public primary schools in Leiden and in Leiderdorp. With close to 530 employees PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp provides primary school education and special needs education for approximately 5,500 children from 4 to 12 years.

International Language Class
Two of our schools offer an International Language Class: the Leimundo and the Bredeschool Merenwijk. These International Language Classes are available to children who have been in the Netherlands less than one year and do not or hardly speak the Dutch language. The International Language Class focuses on learning the Dutch language. The children will follow an intensive programme concentrating on speaking, reading and writing the Dutch language, as well as the Dutch culture and traditions. The objective of the program is to develop a level of proficiency in Dutch that will allow them to move to a regular school within one or two years. The 4 and 5 year olds will start immediately in a regular grade 1-2 class, children in this age group may also start in a grade 1-2 class of a regular primary school.

With children of different age groups and competency levels, the International Language Classes mostly follow an individual program. The learning environment is designed to ensure children can work independently as much as possible. This allows the teacher to instruct a single group or pupil.

The International Language Classes may differ from one another in age limit, the number of children per class, and the learning method used. We recommend you consult the school's websites to find out more: Please note that an International Language Class is not the same as an International School

Public and Denominational Education
There is a difference in The Netherlands between Public and Denominational Education. The PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp schools offer Public Education. Originally Public Schools were "State Schools" that were not based on a religious or ideological belief. A Public School welcomes every child and every teacher, irrespective of his or her social, cultural or ideological background. A Public School teaches children from an early age to respect each others opinions or belief.
Denominational Schools are based on a specific religion, ideological belief or educational principle.

Expat Centre Leiden and the Municipality of Leiden
A lot of information is available on the Dutch education system and schools in the Leiden region. We would like to refer you to the websites of the Expat Centre Leiden and the Municipality of Leiden
Another useful website is the site of New2nl
If you have questions about the schools and/or our International Language Classes or you would like to speak to someone, please contact:
  • Sofie van Rijn (PROOLeiden-Leiderdorp), telephone number: 071-524 76 78 or send an e-mail to
  • Patrick Geirnaert (Leimundo / International Language Class), telephone number: 071-572 42 42  or send an e-mail to